Natural alternatives to nitrite for processed meat

Clean label preservatives which can replace nitrite in cured meat like ham, is ever relevant after a review by French national health agency Anses confirms that nitrite is linked to colorectal cancer

Nitrite, the much-used preservative in processed meat, is in focus after a recently published review by French health authorities concluded that use of nitrite raises the risk of cancer. This review confirms a WHO report from 2018 linking nitrites ingested through processed meat to colorectal cancer and is possibly also linked to other cancers such as ovarian, kidney, pancreas, and breast. A plan for cutting the use of nitrite will be presented soon in France and this may very well spread to other EU member countries where the general limit is 150 mg/kg (60 mg/kg in Denmark by special law). The message is clear: it is important to cut the use of nitrite as much as possible without risking food safety.

Nitrites E249 and E250 prevent the growth of harmful microorganisms such as clostridium botulinum. At the same time, they also add characteristic flavour and pink colour to the cured product.

Clean label preservation system for meat

With the perils of nitrite in mind, it is relevant to look for alternative preservatives solutions that can replace the chemical preservatives in meat products. According to Prosur, plants have everything to shield foods from pathogens and spoilage bacteria. The company has developed the NATPRE T-10 series, which is a true clean label bactericidal against the growth of Listeria spp, Listerial monocytogenes, E. Coli H157 and Clostridium spp., including C. botulinum.

NATPRE T-10 is a true natural alternative to preservatives and celery-free, enabling elimination of artificial antioxidants and preservatives in cooked meat products like ham or turkey breast, dried and fermented products such as bacon, and cooked emulsified products such as frankfurters. In addition, the natural blend of fruit and spice extracts with great antioxidant power stabilises and maintains the natural colour of meat and improves the flavour and odour.

Learn more about the natural meat preservation NATPRE T-10 from Prosur here >

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